Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Long Run Before the Taper

I set myself up for a hard time on my last long run before starting my taper for Vermont. First, I started a new strength program the night before. I haven't been able to fit the long P90X workouts in with all the biking and running this summer, so when I saw a link to "" posted on Facebook (thanks a lot, Jamie)I had to check it out. Then I saw that they also had programs for squats and crunches. Monday night I started all three. I probably should have skipped the squats. When I was done destroying my legs with all those squats I sat out on the front porch and drank way too much wine for the evening before my long run. What was I thinking?

Tuesday morning I set out for my 6 hour long run with aching quads and a queasy stomach. The first hour or so wasn't pleasant. I ran on the Moat area mountain biking trails and hiking trails. The flies were eating me alive and it was in the high 80's with a lot of humidity. I hadn't eaten much due to the wine stomach and my energy was low. I thought about throwing in the towel and heading home. But then things started to get better and better. Each hour my pace was faster than the hour before. I guess I was flushing all the lactic acid (and wine) out of my system.

As I got to the 5 hour mark I knew I needed to head back to the car, but I really didn't want to! I timed it well and ran just over 6 hours. I had to phone Kevin as I neared the end of my run because i couldn't find the elusive last trail I wanted to finish on. This one has the BIG climbing and I wanted to finish strong! Kevin was able to direct me in the right direction over the phone and I ran back to the car the hard way. I drank 60 ounces of iced tea, water, and ginger ale during the 40 minute drive home. I guess I was a little dehydrated.

Today, my lower back is sore, but my legs feel fine. This run wasn't fast, but I got it done in good form (after the initial hour). I wish I had time for 2 or 3 more runs of this length, but I have less than three weeks before the hundred miler and the best thing to do now is taper. I don't expect Vermont will be a good race for me, but I do expect to finish!


  1. Laurel! You are going to do just fine in VT. Your fitness is great, and being a veteran ultra runner, your psych is more then well prepared for the long haul. You ran with a bad back and almost no training last year and finished in 24. I'm confident that you will do just as well this year. -- KC

  2. Laurel,
    Keep on the positive side! VT will be wonderful and Ill do what I can and certainly cheer you on.

  3. Reading about someone running for 6 hours inspires me! Thx! Good luck at your 100 miler!

  4. i.m.jealous. Of a life that allows for 6 hour training runs. I wonder if my family will ever be on board for me to do my 50 let alone a 100?!

    Can't wait to hear how VT goes for you!