Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Run and Ride

For weeks, I had been planning on running the Pemi Loop today. I checked the Mount Washington Observatory forecast before bed last night and saw that a high of forty degrees with 45 MPH winds and rain showers were expected for today. Then when I checked again this morning, the expected winds were slower, but the temperatures were expected to be colder. So I decided that if I was going to enjoy my time out in the woods today, I would have to stay lower. Kevin left the Pudding Pond area mountain bike map out on my desk as a hint, so I took that hint and drove to North Conway.

I ran the mountain bike single track all along both sides of the power lines. My legs felt fantastic! Next I headed off on the newly found single track that goes past Redstone Ledge and up over Rattlesnake Mountain. I continued on over Middle Mountain and meant to find the Black Cap Connector Trail somewhere about half way between Pudding Pond and Black Cap Mt. But instead I ended up on the same crummy washed out logging road as last time I tried this. This took me over Peaked Mountain and out to the Black Cap Connector, but at a point within a half mile of where I had parked my car. I ran across the Black Cap Connector to the top of Black Cap. I was tempted to run down Red Tail, but then I would have had to return on the road. So I ran back the same way. My Garmen read just under 18 miles and 5169 feet of climbing.

Back at the car, I changed my shorts and shoes and took off on the mountain bike. I didn't have much climb left in my legs so I tried to avoid as much climbing as I could. I rode for about 2 hours and really enjoyed it. It was so much fun that I didn't really notice how hard I was working. I finished up with two loops around the fun Sticks and Stones Trail. This has man made rock features to play on with the bike. I avoid any of the difficult ones, but there are a lot of fun little ones that are pretty easy.

I am feeling that good kind of tired that only comes from spending hours having fun outdoors. When Kevin gets home from work I will definitely be ready for a good glass of wine and a nice dinner of grilled Trout!


  1. Your run/ride sounded like more fun than the Pemi Loop anyway. Good call! Trout & red wine? Mmmm...

  2. Laurel,

    You know this guy? We have been told to avoid him at the races. He is insulting all the elite runners and seems to be trouble.

    Thought you would be interested

  3. Yes, I know him. I think he is just a young ultrarunner with a "chip on his shoulder" (as we used to say) for whatever reason. He just needs some time to grow up a little. Underneath it all I think he is a good guy.