Saturday, September 18, 2010

We had slightly muddy conditions at the Kingdom Trails in East Burk, Vermont today, but I'm riding better in these types of conditions and it was very fun! It's those slippery sloped roots that will get you every time. It happens when you run, also. They just try to slide you right off the side of the trail.

Kevin and I mountain biked for about 4 hours. My over all energy was great, but toward the end of the ride my legs were begging, "no more." There are a lot of steep short rooty rocky hills that sap the strength out of my legs.

When we started in the morning the temperature was 45 degrees and it was kind of foggy. By the time we finished riding it was close to 70 and nice and sunny. It was great to sit on the tailgate of the truck and soak up the sun after our ride.

Earlier today Kevin asked me if I would like to hike or bike or run tomorrow. I was supposed to be running the Mt Pisgah 50K, but I am totally burnt out on running right now. It's happened to me before and I'm not worried about it. So without any hesitation, I said I want to bike tomorrow. So tomorrow we are planning a mountain bike ride on the trails near the Moats. It'll be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it!

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