Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Week (so far) in Review

After a grueling work weekend, Kevin and I went mountain biking at New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park on Labor Day. Kevin took me on a wonderful loop of about 20 miles or so. The single track there is rockier than most of the stuff we ride on regularly. It was a good confidence boost for me to see that I could get over a lot of stuff that I wouldn't have been able to a year ago. There are some nice steep climbs, too. I do OK on the uphills unless you throw in a couple of rock step ups during the climb. I just can't get the back wheel to step up after I get the front wheel up. You've gotta love mountain biking, there's always something to work on!

I've been running 5 trail miles with strides every morning. I skipped the long run Tuesday because I will be doing the Pemi Loop tomorrow. My legs feel strong for climbing after all those weekly hill repeats. It looks like there will be some showers with temps in the forties. Not ideal for me, but I'll come down early if I get cold.

Kevin laid out a nice new trail on the town property behind the schools. I've been out there helping with the tread work every chance I get. I love new running and riding trails. I was already running through it before it was even done. Kevin got a lot done on both ends over the weekend and yesterday I finished the area between those two stretches. Then I rode figure eights and loops to incorporate 5 passes over the new trail during my ride! I figure that's part of the tread work, you've got to get it packed down.

Then since I was feeling bold, I rode the entire length of the Clencher for the first time ever. I didn't fall into the river either! I was riding well, so I bit the bullet and rode over the ramp where I had broken my neck back in April. That was the first time I did that since the accident. Yee-hah, that made me happy! Then since things were going so well, I tried to do a big step up onto a rock on the way out of the woods (remember from paragraph one, step ups are a problem). Front wheel went up no problem, back wheel made it half way up and slid back down bringing me to a screeching halt. Ugh. Oh well, it was still a great ride!

Saturday we will be heading to Acadia for some fun riding, running, hiking, and camping. I love the camp fire time after an active day!


  1. You make me feel lazy. (oh is that jealousy talking...AND the fact that I can't mt bike worth a darn??)

  2. As far as the feeling lazy part, I don't think I have any more energy or drive than any other active adult. But I am lucky to have long stretches off from work so I feel like I want to fill all that time with fun stuff!

    The mountain biking definitely takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience to get the hang of. I think that's part of the reason I am enjoying it so much!