Friday, September 17, 2010

Vacation Week Notes...So Far

Don't want to waste much time on the computer so here it is in summary...

Lobsters and steamers at Young's Lobster Pound
Acadia National Park
Camping in style (soft mats, pillows, and a tent that doesn't leak)
My second black eye of the year (play hard, fall hard)
Cool Sunny days
Seafood Newburg at the Quarterdeck
Martinis at Parkside
Hiking North Bubble, around Jordan Pond, Beehive, Gorham Mountain
Biking miles and miles on the carriage trails
Kevin's "secret" beach
Lobster Stew and Popovers at Jordan House
Bar Harbor Real Ale
A nice big thunderstorm while lying in our warm cozy tent
Campfires in the evening
Walking the cliffs overlooking the ocean
Great book finds at a little shop in Bar Harbor
Visiting Kevin's family in Thorndike (on the way home)
Mountain Biking at Bradbury State Park (still on the way home)
Back home for a peaceful evening on the front porch
Portland today
Maybe mountain biking the local trails tonight
Mountain Biking at the Kingdom Trails tomorrow

Whoops, I guess I forgot to run this entire week!

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