Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Morning Run

This morning I ventured out over the little switch back trail where I had run into the bees a few days ago. I wanted to see if they had settled back into their nest and were allowing runners to pass through again. They had not and they were not. I was able to pin point where they are, so the additional sting this morning was worth it... I guess. I don't think we should just leave them there. Runners, walkers, equestrians and mountain bikers are using these trails now. It doesn't seem right to have this nice inviting trail leading these unsuspecting souls right into a yellow jacket' nest! I am hoping Kevin will be the brave one who gets rid of them. Those bees have had a taste of me twice already and they seem to like me, so I'd rather not go near them again.

Kevin spent a lot of time working on trail maintenance this past weekend while I worked so the trails are in great condition. This made for some fast and fun running today. I ran six miles on meandering trails in a light rain. A lot of my run wandered along near the Ossipee River. Watching the rain fall on the river was very enjoyable. The temperature was comfortably cool and I had a good run.

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