Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun in the Snow

I spent two hours cleaning up snow this morning. I don't mind it a bit, as long as I'm not trying to get out in a hurry. Today I didn't have anywhere I had to be so I enjoyed it. There were lots of birds at the feeders and they were fun to watch and listen to. Many of my neighbors were out cleaning up their snow, which gives things a friendly air.

I just returned from a fantastic snowshoe romp through the woods with Bart. (pictured top right) There are 12 inches of fresh snow and the woods are beautiful. The deep snow made for a good workout. I definitely could feel the burn in my quads. I went on the trails near my house that run along side the Ossipee River. There was something about the sound of rushing water and the feel of cold wind in my face that gave me a sense of excitement and adventure, even though I was only a few miles from home. The temperature was right around 20 degrees which felt perfect on my way out, but kind of chilly coming back against the wind after working up a good sweat. I have to admit, I'm totally beat. Between the shoveling and the snowshoeing I feel like I have had a full body workout. Bart is sacked out on the couch, I think he feels that full body workout as well.

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