Friday, December 26, 2008

Marathon Pace Today

Nice holiday with the family yesterday and a FULL work day today has left me exhausted. I got home from work around 6PM and couldn't wait to run! Now, that is a change from recent months when it has been very difficult for me to get myself out and running even when I was well rested. Boy, it sure is nice to enjoy running again! I know a lot of my not wanting to run was from being out of shape from injuries and, let's be honest here, sheer laziness. When a person is not fit, running isn't much fun, it's hard work. So many times I have had people say, "I tried running and I hated it. I don't know how you do it" And I always tell them they didn't give it a fair chance. It doesn't start feeling good until you start getting in shape. Well, I am very glad to say, running is starting to feel good again.

Today I was scheduled for 5 miles with 2 miles in the middle at marathon pace. The mystery is, what exactly is marathon pace these days? I settled on 8 minute miles, because I'd be pretty darned satisfied with a 3:26 marathon at this point. 8 minute miles doesn't feel like fast paced running, but I'm sticking to my training plan and trying not to second guess it.

The training plan I am following is one I followed several winters ago while preparing for the Virginia Beach Marathon. It was written by my coach at the time. I recall feeling very strong and very well prepared going into the race and I ran well there. This time around I'll back off on the paces of my fast running and increase the distance of my long runs since I am training for ultras and not marathons.

Getting a run in tomorrow is going to be a challenge since I have another day of family holiday obligations. I'll squeeze it in somehow. I'll be glad when all this Yule Time jolly-ness is finally over ;)

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