Sunday, December 21, 2008

Small Success

It didn't get above ten degrees today and wind chill was below zero. That, plus the heavy snowfall kept me inside for my run again today. I might have to change the title of this blog to Running in the Living room. I was scheduled for a 3 hour run today and managed to do 2 hours on the treadmill. I think that was my longest treadmill run ever and I ran a steady strong pace, so I am happy with the effort.

Mileage for the week is 37 and I did upper body and core strength training 2 days. My minimal mileage on my easiest training weeks used to be 40. I'm getting there. I'll hit 40 this coming week and keep it there. I'm determined to get fit again. This blog does help. Whether anyone reads it or not, just entering my training each day is enough to make me put in an honest effort. I used to have a coach who liked to say, "Success leads to success," meaning when you meet a small goal it motivates you to keep reaching for that next goal. Each time you succeed you are inspired to work to get up that next step and succeed at a higher level. I have put in one solid week of training. I consider that my first small success along the way to getting running fit again.

Training schedule calls for a cross train or rest day tomorrow. I have to do some snow removal and then hope to get out in the woods for a cross country ski or snow shoe run. It's only December and I am already getting cabin fever! It's all that darned treadmill running.

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