Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here are a few photos from Vermont, courtesy of Jeanne Peckiconis.

Coming into Camp 10 Bear II (mile 70)

Getting ready to work on my feet at Camp 10 Bear II

I took a 3 mile jog on logging roads today and didn't feel bad at all. I don't have any spring in my step, of course, but no pain or stiffness either. I'll do my upper body strength work this afternoon. I have to say, the strength training I have been doing definitely helped at Vermont. Usually my arms and chest get achy and tired toward the end of a one hundred miler. At Vermont, I never got any core or arm fatigue at all. The back/hip problem didn't get worse from running 100 miles. In fact, it stopped hurting completely about 30 miles into the run and has been feeling pretty good since.


  1. Making it look easy - congrats on a great VT100 finish.

  2. I am amazed with your race...after all you went through leading up to it. Perhaps someday I will have the guts to run a race that long...perhaps

  3. Laurel, Not that I ran 100 miles like you but after doing the core workouts on the same program you're doing, I was able to run my first complete marathon last spring with out stopping once to regroup. I've run over 35 marathons and this was a first for me. That totally sold me on core training.

    Congrad's again. Take it slow and give your body some time to heal. You earned the rest!!

  4. Impressive day, especially without being able to get in training runs. Mind over matter...

  5. I guess you were well rested! Great job.