Monday, July 13, 2009

The Mother of all Tapers

With the Vermont 100 coming up this weekend, the only thing I am feeling good about is my taper. It's been an impressive one! I haven't done much running at all this past month. I should be extremely well rested. I can almost always put a positive spin on things if I try hard enough, and I think calling my recent low mileage a taper works for this.

I ran 5 miles on the roads last night and tolerated the pavement better than I have since hurting myself at Massanutten. This is a good thing because there is pavement and hard packed gravel in abundance at Vermont. Worse case, I'll walk the pavement stretches at Vermont.

I think the key for me will be to go in with no expectation other than finishing. I will have to keep an eye on cut off times along the way, not something I've ever worried about in hundred milers except for when I ran Western States under similar circumstances coming off a foot and ankle injury. I will have to let the runners I am used to keeping up with, run ahead. I will have to stay positive and happy and remember to enjoy the journey. If I can do all that I will make it to the finish line in good shape.

This week, my "taper" continues. After Vermont and a few weeks of recovery, I am going back to full training. I believe my back injury is as healed as it is going to get. I'm looking forward to some fun trail miles!


  1. I'm sure you'll have a great run this weekend. It looks like Saturday will be rainy, but no real heat to worry about.

    I'll see you on Friday when you check in.

  2. Hi Laurel,
    I actually went in to Vermont the year I ran it (2005 I think) in a similar "well-rested" condition and it went surprisingly well. It was hard but 100s so much mental and more a question of the all the years of long runs that you can get by as long as you start moderately and keep up energy level (eating/drinking). Good luck!
    - pauld

  3. Best wishes, run well and enjoy those rolling green hills.

  4. Laurel, Best of luck at Vermont. Well rested is a great way to show up. As always smile and have some fun.

  5. Thanks for the kind words left on my post. My thought for you this weekend is my favorite saying; All great deeds require three essential elements, a great root of faith, a great ball of doubt, and a fierce tenacity of purpose. You'll be in our thoughts this weekend. Enjoy.