Friday, July 24, 2009

Recovery is Going Well

I got a super-early super-easy 4 miler in this morning on the roads in the pouring, and I mean POURING, rain. Only the right quad feels a little sore. I think my recovery will be fast and easy. I just go by how I feel. I don't feel any great urge to rush back into my training until I'm ready. But at the same time, I'm looking forward to it. I cut back the amount of weight in my strength training this morning. Today I felt like I could have run longer and faster and could have lifted normal weights and reps, but I know from experience that my long term recovery is greatly effected by what I do in this first week after a 100. Sometimes I think there is more discipline involved in taking it easy than there is in pushing ourselves. I know a lot of ultrarunners who brag about running the day after a hundred miler or racing the next weekend or doing some other feat to prove they are tough, but it really isn't that wise in the long run.


  1. Great blog...lots of advice that I found really helpful reading back through your posts. The words you wrote in this post cemented my goal to just enjoy Escarpment this Sunday with my friend KZ. You are right that recovery is something not to be taken lightly, and having just finished my first 100 I was unaware just how important : )


  2. I does take much more will power to hold back, not only for recovery but also for taper.