Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Well Rested and Ready for Sub 24"

I think all the blog comments, emails, and phone calls are starting to wear away at my doubts. I am starting to hear myself say things like I am "well rested" and "ready for a sub 24". I think they call this being brain washed. I like it.

After talking to my pacer, Melanie on the phone last night I went out for a five miler on dirt roads. According to Melanie, I am "well rested and ready for a sub 24". I have heard it from dozens of people, but suddenly I was believing it. Thanks, Melanie.

Thanks to suddenly being convinced that I actually might be able to miraculously run well at Vermont this year, last night's run felt awesome for the first time in a long time! I can feel a tugging sensation along the back of my right leg with every stride, but it isn't really a pain. It is just a mis-fired message being sent along the nerve. It isn't doing me any harm. I am also very prone to cramping in all the muscles of that leg, I guess just from that wild and crazy nerve. That is a little worrisome, but not something I can't deal with.

Today I'll make up a drop bag or two and pack for the weekend. I am all about low stress, simple fun. That's why I gave up road racing, too much pressure and stress, too little fun! I refuse to make a big production out of a big race so I didn't put a lot of effort onto the logistics for this weekend, but it is all falling into place. Joe and Jeanne have arranged a car pool for me complete with pick up at my mother's house. Kevin has agreed to come witness the fascinating spectator sport we call a hundred miler and be at the ready with the few supplies I might need (we won't scare him by calling it crewing), and Melanie has agreed to pace. This all came together within the last week. Everything always falls into place in all things in my life. I'm very lucky that way.

I'll see a lot of you in Vermont. Since everyone I have talked to says they are shooting for just under 24, we should all be running in an enourmous pack in the last miles of the race. I hope they don't run out of buckles!


  1. Best of luck in the People's Republic of Vermont! Sending good vibes your way...and no falling this time!

  2. Crewing.....???????? What is crewing? I think Laurel has tricked me into something....once again. LOL. Really I'm there for you Laurel, whatevah you need, just give me a nudge and wake me up, even if its in the middle of the night!!!!

  3. Laurel Have fun in Vermont. Remember to smile!

  4. Laurel! Will cheer you on! I'll be helping a VT 100 Newbie. I am a newbie pacer, too. I will send great positive go go go vibes your way! You can do this! See you at the finish.