Monday, July 27, 2009


I just got back from a fun and relaxing weekend. Saturday, Kevin and I mountain biked at Franklin Falls Dam. The trails there are very winding single track with a lot of short steep ups and downs. These trails are smooth without a lot of rocks and roots. It was very fun riding. Sunday we rode around Lake Massabesic. This ride had fire roads, single track, and a few very short stretches of pavement. My legs were tired and I was pathetically slow and very weak on the climbs. But I just excepted that I'm not any where near fully recovered from Vermont, so I rode slow and enjoyed it. We ended the loop with some rocky single track. This was challenging by my standards, but I did OK. I got through some stretches where I didn't think I could, but I also made a few stupid mistakes which left their marks on my legs. I followed our ride with a short run on fire roads. Kevin kept me company on his bike. It's a good thing he doesn't mind riding slow! My legs were extremely tired by the time I started running, but I thought a slow jog might help stretch them out a little and get those running muscles working. Today my legs are feeling much better and I'll do a short run and a strength workout this evening.


  1. Laurel is doing absolutely awesome on the mountain bike. She may have not felt that her strenght was 100% on the rides. But even so she was riding very strong, and with more time on the trails and gaining confidence in the traction of the wheels, she will be moving along at a really fast clip in no time. Comparably any other new rider doesn't even come close to making the progress she has made on the mt bike in such short time. She is getting the front wheel up an over 8" obstacles with ease. She has mastered control of the front brake, and is rolling down steeps under full control. She is a natural at reading the trail and picking a line. She is having fun developing her technical skills. Even after tasting the dirt a few times, she is always riding with that beautiful smile on her face. Can't wait to ride with her again!!! - KC

  2. Thanks for pointing out all the things I am doing right! But one might wonder, after "she is getting the front wheel up and over 8" obstacles with ease," what happens to the back wheel? The answer is that this is often where I "taste the dirt."

    Thanks for introducing me to this fun and challenging sport! I'm loving it!!!