Friday, July 10, 2009

Time Management

Yesterday I squeezed in a 1 1/2 hour Yoga session before work, a 1 1/2 run during the work day, and a mountain bike ride in the evening. No wonder I have no time to mow my lawn or weed my garden or rake up all those little green apples that fall incessantly from the two trees near the driveway. I am on the verge of losing control of the yard work, but not quite there yet. I find that by the end of August I usually throw in the towel and let Mother Nature have her way with my little piece of property. In the summer, laundry piles up in my closet (out of sight, out of mind) until I am down to my last pair of running shorts. These days, the dishwasher is usually emptied piece by piece as I need it to eat on. The vacuum hasn't been plugged in for about a month. I am way behind in answering emails and returning phone calls (forgive me if you are someone I owe a call or email to). Strangely, I am not stressed out over any of this. It is all a matter of setting priorities. Let's face it, if it comes down to taking the trash to the dump or taking a bike ride, the bike ride is going to win out every time! I'm lucky that I really don't have anyone I have to answer to, so the summer is mine to enjoy as I want to. Rain or sun, I'm going to keep enjoying it!


  1. I can understand your finaticism (a real word?) but letting the trash pile up......that is carrying it too far....I usually carry my trash out on my way to the run or bike ride.....otherwise..stinky..stinky..stinky!!

    If I only had to answer to myself, I would be such a happy mess.