Monday, February 1, 2010

Indoor Workout

This morning I did an indoor workout for no other reason than that I wanted to wear shorts and a summer running top. I guess I'm getting a little impatient for warmer weather since the skiing and snow shoeing suck right now for lack of snow. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill, followed by my "shoulders and arms" workout and Plyomtrics. All told, I worked out for about 3 hours straight.

This afternoon Kevin and I did a fast paced 3 mile walk on hard and somewhat slippery snowmobile trails. I was scoping it out for tomorrow's run. It looks like nice running with Stabilicers or screw shoes.


  1. I hear you on longing to wear shorts and tank tops. It's a chore in itself getting dressed to do any kind of outdoor activity. I too am bummed about the lack of snow as shoe shoeing has been the one plus I have picked up this winter and now that the snow is gone, winter is just a drag.

    I am being positive though and happy that its February and the sun is setting later in the day. Spring is another day closer but still not close enough. ;-)

  2. Hello,
    I was alerted to your post because of your mention of Stabilicers - thank you for your use of them! It is great to see that people do not let winter weather get in the way of their outdoor activity (although as I write it is in the single digits here in Maine - i am not feeling overly inspired to get out right now!) Just wanted to post a note and thank you for getting outside and doing it safely!