Sunday, February 21, 2010

New (to me) Trails

Kevin and I put in a few miles on the Ossipee Trails today. This is not to be confused with our own local Ossipee River Trails. The Ossipee Trails we traveled today are over the border in Ossipee, New Hampshire. Kevin explored them a few weekends ago while I was working. He took me out there today to show me around.

There aren't a lot of miles of trails there, but there is potential for good running by doing loops and figure eights. It looks like great mountain bike riding, too. It is a pretty area with some wetlands, Ossipee Lake, views of the Sandwich Range, and views of the Ossipee Hills. I'm always excited to discover more paths through the woods!

I know I say that Kevin doesn't run, but he actually does. He just refuses to acknowledge that he is doing it and refuses to let anyone see him do it. He does all his running in work boots and Carhartt pants, I think to disguise the fact that he is running. I often hear him running just behind me, but when I turn to look he changes mid-stride from run to fast walk. He actually let me see him run once today while racing me up a steep hill. He beat me, even with the work boots. I'll have to buy him some running shoes and a pair of goofy looking tights and so he can start training to be my pacer for my next 100. Just kidding about the tights, but running shoes might not be a bad idea. I know a potential runner when I see one!

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  1. THANKS Laurel! I was trying to keep this a secrete from the world. Yup! I have a running "style" all of my own. I call it stompin, gomin, stumblin and hobblin. See you all at the VT100. I'll be there again this year to support Laurel every step of the way, but Laurel needs a real "kickass pacer" like Melanie!