Thursday, February 18, 2010

Same Trail, Different Run

I got a quick run in on hard icy trails this morning before work and then managed a slow slog through slush on those same trails this afternoon. This afternoon, it took me about ten minutes longer for the same 4 miles! It was tough going. I stopped and checked my heart rate when I realized how slow I was going. I wanted to make sure I wasn't dogging it. No, my heart rate was way up there, it was just hard work. It was like taking a stride forward then sliding half a stride back with the push off.

I am still training as if I will be running the Peak Snowshoe Marathon in the beginning of March. But honestly, if there isn't enough snow I won't do it, even if they still hold the event. Of course there is still plenty of time for more snowfall. I'm just thinking ahead and weighing the possibilities. Either way, onward with the training. If it isn't used for the snowshoe marathon, it will still be moving me in the right direction for some shorter Spring trail races and then the Vermont 100.

Now I'm off to my upstairs gym for a P90X strength workout.

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