Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vermont Vacation

I just got back from a great 6 day Vermont get-away with Kevin. We stayed in Lyndonville, the same town that my daughter lived in until last month. My daughter hated it there with great enthusiasm. She's a bit of a city girl and she prefers warmer weather. I guess that's why she's in Tampa now. I love that part of Vermont and wouldn't vacation in Tampa even if I was paid to do it. Each to their own.

Kevin and I got plenty of snowshoe time in on the Kingdom Trails. Kevin doesn't run, but he's a very fast walker. I was able to get some good running in with the snowshoes by doing the same thing my dog used to do when he ran with me, running out a way and then coming back. The Kingdom Trails are relentlessly rolling hills, excellent training for my upcoming snowshoe marathon.

I also did a tiny bit of Nordic skiing before I realized it was just too icy to be much fun. On the other hand, sledding on those icy sloping fields was very fun and fast! We got out on the trails once with the Stabilicers (Kevin wore screw shoes). We decided that the snow shoes were the better way to go. The snow wasn't deep, but there was enough of it that snow shoes were worth wearing. I have no idea how many miles we put in this past week, but it was definitely enough to counter balance all the good eating, drinking, and slacking that filled the rest of our time there. I totally wore myself out and needed a long nap when I got home this afternoon.

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