Saturday, February 6, 2010

River Run

I just returned from a great run on River Run and Pollywog Trails. I saw patients this morning and still have ton of computer work to do this evening, but I felt that I needed a run break before getting into it too deeply. Kevin had just presented me with a new pair of screw shoes that he made with an old pair of Brooks Adrenalines that were kicking around in my closet for the past few years. So I laced them up and went out looking for some ice to run on!

River Run and Pollywog are the singletrack mountain bike trails Kevin and I built last summer. I've been out on them in snowshoes several times this winter, but the snow is so settled and packed at this point, there really isn't any need for snowshoes. Running these trails in the screw shoes was awesome! And after feeling so slow and terrible on yesterday's hilly road run, I was extremely surprised to find myself feeling fast and energetic today. I did a total of 4 miles in 33:40, 3 miles of this was on snow and ice covered singletrack and the other mile was on the road to get to the trail and back.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Laurel! There is something empowering about running on ice and snow as with each step you defy the odds which is what draws me to it I suppose. I think it's awesome that you built your own trail and it must be so rewarding. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.