Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Biding Time

Yesterday was the first day since my bike accident that I felt like myself, meaning restless and eager to be outside doing something. In the morning I distracted myself by setting up my bike on the trainer and spinning hard for two and a half hours while watching the Boston Marathon. I matched my cadence to the lead runners' cadences, which was about 180 strokes per minute, a fast spin for me. The sweat was flying and it was very satisfying. But the minute I got off the bike I wanted to get out on the trail on foot or bike! So I distracted myself further by doing some easy yard work... pulling a few weeds, picking up trash that had blown over from the neighbor's construction, and generally shuffling around the yard looking at and kicking at stuff, just like my 85-year-old neighbor does.

Finally at around 5PM I gave in and drove over to the nearby trails, telling myself a fast walk would cure me. I started out walking, but broke into a shuffling jog now and then. I meant to behave, but the little careful jog felt sooooo good. It really wasn't any faster than my fast walk, but it was great. I got back to the car feeling happy. I opened all the windows as I drove home to dry my sweat so no one would know I had run a little. But as soon as I got out of the car Kevin said, "you've been running, haven't you?!" Caught! I couldn't believe he could tell!

Today I promised to stick to the indoor bike trainer and some easy walking on level surfaces until I am seen again by a doctor on Thursday. I hope to get permission from my doc to return to work and start running on level surfaces. My fracture is considered "stable" meaning it isn't going to displace very easily. I understand that it needs a chance to heal, but I'm really not sure what types of activities will hinder progress. I'm also going to ask about road biking and mountain biking, but I have a feeling he will say not for several more weeks.

Right now I am going to set up on the back deck and spin as long as it takes to put out my fire. I might be out there all day!

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