Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pedaling in Place

I've been pedaling away and going nowhere fast! The indoor trainer is becoming a habit. Sure, it's no fun, but since I've been doing it every morning I can't seem to feel right unless I put an hour or more in on it. I am definitely pedalling faster and with more resistance, so it is improving my cycling ability and efficiency. When I get the OK, I'll have to get my road bike out and see if it's made me any faster.

I still plan to be at the Nipmuck Marathon. It's Dave's last year as race director and I wouldn't miss it. I'll definitely be able to run by then, it will just be a matter of not being very running fit. I'll walk/jog the darned thing and finish it anyway!

Next up will be the Vermont 100. I've been at this for a while and I really believe that with 100's, you can rely on the years of training and experience under your belt even if training hasn't been great in recent months leading up to the event. I have proven this in the past by finishing well at both Western States and Vermont after taking time off for injuries just before the events. For this year's Vermont I will at least be able to get a good solid 2 months of training in between recovering from my injury and running the event.

Now I've gotta get on that stationary trainer. I wasted three hours pedaling on that thing yesterday. I doubt I'll go as long today.

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