Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walking and Investigating

I walked 10 miles on easy trails yesterday, averaging 16:08 pace. That pace takes focus and effort for me, so it was a very good mental exercise, as well as some good strength and cardio. I have some neck and head pain, but feel great from upper chest down. So walking feels good.

Early in my walk, I passed the site of my bike accident. I stopped and did a thorough examination of the area, looking for clues like a CSI. My head indentation was still there in the dirt, despite the heavy rain and slush coming down from the sky. It was a good three inches deep in hard packed dirt. I could see where my front bike wheel prematurely left the wooden ramp I was riding. It went off the right hand side of the ramp and should have just given me a harmless little bump as I hit the ground and rolled on down the trail. It looks like Kevin was right when he guessed that something caught up on the ramp and stopped the bike's forward momentum. Probably the hub of the wheel hit, there is definitely a good gouge in the wood. This stopped the front wheel while me and the back wheel continued on forward and upwards. I never even had time to let go of the handlebars. Oh well, things could have turned out worse.

That mystery solved, I enjoyed the rest of my walk. I was never even tempted to break into a run. Jolting still hurts my neck and head, which is my body's way of saying, "don't try to run yet, you idiot!" The weather went from rain to sleet to slush to snow and then back to rain. I got a thorough soaking, but kept my effort hard enough to stay warm. That hot shower sure felt good when I got back home!

This morning I did a quick spin on the indoor trainer. Now Kevin and I are off to do some hot tub shopping, which will be our wedding gift to each other. I have visions of sinking into that nice hot water out on the back patio after zero degree training runs or snowshoe jaunts next winter. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Glad to hear you are listening to your body. I hope you continue to heal well.

    Hot tub? My hubbs wants one too. Great wedding gift to each other.