Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready to Ride (as soon as my doctor says it's OK)

My new bike helmet arrived today! It looks like an awful lot of helmet for my little self, but it feels very comfortable and fits perfectly. It is Gyro Zen mountain bike helmet. It sure seems to have a lot more protection than the road bike helmet I was wearing when I had my accident, although that one did it's job well (may it rest in peace.)

I'm feeling positive, my helmet has arrived, my face has decided to stop being swollen and purple, the only pain I have left is in the very back of my neck in a very small area, and my energy is beginning to return to normal. I am only wearing the neck collar for short intervals now, figuring that I shouldn't allow my neck muscles to get too lazy and that I should be working on getting some range of motion back in my neck. I have my follow up doctor appointment tomorrow and I am hoping to be cleared to do some running and bike riding. Keep your fingers crossed!

Today I took a walk around the Heath Pond Bog area in Ossipee, New Hampshire. I walked a total of 8 miles on informal trails, with a lot of back tracking for dead ends at the bog. I saw a ton of birds, including ducks, woodpeckers, turkeys, and some sort of hawk. I sure do see a lot more when I am walking instead of running or riding, but it just isn't as much fun!

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  1. Glad to hear you may be back at it. Just be careful or at least as careful as you can be doing all the crazy things you love to do!