Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Checking In

Sometimes I have great fun adventures with my running and other times I am just squeezing the runs in where I can fit them. This past week, I've been squeezing them in around work. I've put in some good miles at various times of day and in various places, but I've been tired and hurried. I try to convince myself that runnimng on exhausted legs after a long work day is good practice for those last miles in an ultra. I don't know if this is true or not, it might be better to rest up when I'm this tired. Oh well, it does feel good to know that I have gotten all my planned runs in this week. No one ever said they had to be easy and fun to be good training. It's just that I don't really like to think of my running as training, I like to think of it as recreation. This past week it has been plain old training. Next week I'll get back to having some fun with it!

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  1. My running is daily de-stressing and when I don't have a race scheduled I still run about the same mileage simply because I just love to run. (Now having a long race to train for allows me to use that as an excuse to run more and my family can't get upset with me. heeheehee)