Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Trail Miles

Today, Mary came to Kezar Falls for our run for a change. Usually I go to her house because she has kids to put on the school bus in the morning and "soccer mom" type after school activities to contend with in the afternoon. But she felt like she needed a change of scenary today, so we set out for our run from my house.

We ran the snowmobile trails and single track for ten miles. My legs feel well recovered from Saturday's race. I do have some lingering general fatigue, but running slow felt fine. We got back home just as it was starting to sprinkle. By the time we were done with lunch and Mary was starting for home the skies had turned very dark, the rain was falling, and the temperature had dropped. It looks like a good afternoon for laying on the couch with a book. I'm glad we got that nice run in before the weather turned bad!


  1. Sounds like a nice run Laurel and glad you got it in before the rain. At least it isn't snow anymore though!