Sunday, June 21, 2009


When I am able to run, one or two bike rides a week is plenty. I'm doing a lot of riding right now and I'm waiting for it to start growing on me. So far it really hasn't. It's fun going fast on smooth roads and I can definitely put in a hard effort and get a quality workout on the bike, but I prefer to be in the woods. And I like to have my feet on the ground so I feel connected and part of the trail. I can get that same feel from walking in the woods as I do running, so I'll get out to the mountains Thursday, rain or shine.

I've been talking with Kevin about trying mountain biking. I did some years ago. I was using a crappy heavy bike and just riding easy trails behind my house. I liked it, but never really pusued it because of all the other activities I enjoy that compete for my time. I stopped when I originally hurt my back because I was afraid of falling and doing more damage. At this point I figure I fall just as much on my own two feet, so why not ride a mountain bike?

Today will be an hour on the trainer this morning (still won't ride in the rain if I have a choice) and Yoga and strength this evening. I think I have to ramp up the workout effort a little, yesterday I had to resist a strong urge to pull the car over at the Massabesic Experimental Forest and take a quick run on the trails in my work clothes!


  1. Laurel, My friend Kathy can loan you a full suspension Rocky Mountain. Maybe we can pick it up next Saturday morning and go for a mountain bike ride. I promise to keep you on the fun smooth trails to start you out. - KC

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to it!