Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minor Injury and Inspirational People

I was supposed to do seven minute mile repeats today, but as soon as I speed up a little the hip starts hurting. Plus, it is starting to effect my hamstring on that side, I think from changing my stride a little for the hip. So I ended up doing 2 of the seven minute miles, then just took an easy run instead. The hip doesn't hurt if I run slow. Even the hills aren't bothering it much at a slow pace. It is definitely getting better every day.

I will still do Nipmuck this wekend, since slow running doesn't bother me and you can't run very fast on that course. I may end up just falling in with a slower friend. We'll see how the day goes. Easy running only for the rest of the week, I promise!

While I was running slow after bailing on the repeats, I starting thinking about how exercise and fitness can change a person's life. I have two people who are close to me that are undergoing a fitness revolution.

Last evening I ran with BJ, the incredible shrinking man. He has lost about 12 pounds in the last 6 weeks. We have been working out together 6 or 7 evenings a week with strength training 3 days a week and plyometrics or yoga on the days between. Also he is running regularly. It is pretty incredible to see how fit he has become in such a short time! On last evening's run we ran on his trails. To get back out of the woods there is a big steep climb that has to be well over 1/4 mile. I ran behind him up that climb and couldn't believe how he was just trotting up the hill like it was nothing! It is really nice to see a friend get motivated to become fit and then watch him do it! It is inspiring!

My sister, Amy, has also dedicated the past several months to getting fit. She has been training for her first half marathon and has come a long way! I hope she remembers when 5 miles was a long run. It wasn't too long ago! Now she is up to 12 miles and putting in 30 mile weeks! The half marathon is in less than 4 weeks. I have no doubt she will finish in good time. She is another inspiration!

Success is a motivator, whether it is our own success or the success of the people around us. Maybe that's why we read each other's blogs and race reports. I'll be at Amy's half marathon cheering her on and maybe running a bit with her, unless she is winning and we don't want to risk getting her disqualified ;) And I'll be waiting anxiously to hear how BJ fairs in his 4th of July 5K.


  1. It's so cool that I've actually made the Blog! Yep...I definitely remember when 5 miles was a long run. Thanks for all the training advise, Laurel! I actually find myself looking forward to finding out what's on the schedule each week!
    You go BJ! I think BJ is the kind of guy that can run 10 miles after not running at all for 5 months. What's up with that!

  2. Thanks Amy, It's called being stubborn...

    Keep up the good work! Don't listen to the slugs telling you not to run! Also pick another race later in the summer so you can work toward that now that you are in shape...That's what keeps my sister motivated to run..the next race in a month.