Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nice Run, a Baseball Game, and the Olympics

Yesterday I went to North Conway to run with Mary. We ran 4 miles out and back for a total of 8 miles on dirt roads and trails in the National Forest. Going out is steady uphill, steep at times and gradual at others. Coming back is when my hip started bothering me, which was strange because it has been hurting on the climbs, not the descants. But either way, it didn't hurt very bad at all. We kept a good pace the whole run and it still felt like an easy effort to me. I should take today off to let the hip rest for tomorrow's trail marathon. Nipmuck will be a fun long run for me, I won't be in race mode. If the hip hurts, I'll walk.

Back at Mary's house we had a long and strenuous game of baseball. Mary and me against a bunch of kids aged 7 through 12. Mary had it easy as all she did was pitch and yell at me. I played all the other positions. We got creamed! Mostly because I can't sprint after the ball, I can't throw, and I can't hit. Other than that I am a great baseball player. It was a lot of fun and quite a workout!

My favorite part of the day was when Mary's daughter admitted that she had lied and told all the kids at school that Mary and I had both run in the Olympics. As we doubled over laughing over that, she added "and I said that my Mom won and Laurel got second."

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  1. Wow...she won and you got second? How devistaing.....good thing you weren't there to experience the imaginary loss!! Though, when I think about it, a silver medal for not even running is still quite an accomplishment.

    It sounds like you need some baseball trainning too!