Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Cross Training

I am determined to stay running fit without running. My Osteopath says I can run the Vermont 100 if my back is stable by then, I just won't be able to get any specific run training in before the race. He has kindly recruited his son who is an athletic trainer at Georgia State to help make this possible. The plan is to train, train, train to keep my cardio and strength at as high a level as it would normally be at if I were running. I think of this as a challenge, and I love a challenge! Two years ago, I ran Westren States on cross training only and it went very well. So I know it is possible. Don't worry, I won't attempt to run Vermont unless I am 100% cleared by my physician and I feel like I am able to run smoothly and easily. But it does give me something to work toward and a reason to avoid becoming a 200 pound couch potato.

I started out today with Cardio X, which is a P90X workout DVD which involves Yoga, Kempo Karate, Plyometrics, Core, and good old fashioned Calisthenics. I repeated the harder sequences to keep my heart rate above 150 for a total of 50 minutes. You can kind of dog it on these types of workouts, but wearing the heart monitor keeps me honest. I have to modify a few of the jumping moves to avoid hard impact, but most are not a problem. After the Cardio X, I rode my bike on a very hilly course through Freedom and Effingham, New Hampshire and Parsonsfield, Maine. Average heart rate for the ride was 139 for 33 miles in just under 2 hours. This evening will be abdominal and arms strength work. This is a tough and time consuming routine, but if I keep my head in the right place I think I can get through these 4 weeks without loosing my fitness or my sanity.


  1. Laurel,

    Good luck on the cross training it seems you have a good approach....you can do it!

  2. Laurel, watch this could be the Best VT evah! Have you tried Aqua Jogging? What do you think of the P90X program? keep positive. I WILL see you in VT!

  3. Laurel, P90X will keep your muscles in great shape. Good move to do cardio X instead of Plyometrics. Plyo might be to much impact. The endurance will be the tough part to maintain. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck.

    Trail Pixie, P90X is one tough workout program. It's not meant for couch potato's, which you are not!! It's a hardcore workout program that I stand by and credit for some of my recent racing results.

  4. P90X is really helping me keep my sanity while not running. The Cardio X can be a pretty intense workout if you "bring it" and the strength is also helping. Add a little bike riding and I should be staying fit. The endurance will have to come from some long fast hilly hikes, I have some days off from work coming up in the next few weeks for those.