Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I ran in the middle of my work day today on the trails/roads of the Massabesic Experimental Forest. I'm still taking it easy for the rest of the week to allow my hip and hamstring to get back to 100%. A slow pace doesn't hurt at all, but when I open up my stride to speed up, it still pulls on the hamstring and gives me a tenderness in the lateral hip. It is feeling better every day and I think it will be back to normal soon as long as I don't push it.

I don't know where all this patience is coming from, In the past I have kept running on an injury until I am just about crippled. Actually I do know. A few years ago I ran through ankle pain that started out as an achilles problem and ended up causing stress fractures. I think BJ still has a video of me trying to run with all that going on. There were big huge bony bumps sticking out the sides of both my feet and another one in the back of my right heel/achilles area. My "run" was a sideways shuffle with a dragging right foot. Lovely to watch. Someone should have slapped me and told me to stop running!

So now it seems I have become a patient and cautious runner. Jeeze, it took long enough! I've been running for a long time.


  1. rest that body and heal up well....enjoy the down time

  2. Glad you have the patience, no doubt things will come around soon enough.

    We're bound to run into each other randomly on the trails one of these days!

  3. I think that is called learning or perhaps maturing or "growing up" The more we understand about ourselves and our capabilities the more we can progress.

    I think that coming to terms with our "problems" and finding a way to enjoy a "rest" period is a sign of finally understanding the delicate balance of life.

  4. Um....yeah someone did tell you not to run on didn't listen. Now if I had known I could have slapped you up side the head...:)