Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking and Biking

I haven't run a step in 5 days and haven't had a nervous breakdown yet. This weekend I did some brisk walking on trails. Kevin took me on a tour of some beautiful singletrack trail in New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park under sunny skies on Saturday. Sunday we walked on trails near Massabesic Lake in the pouring rain. We saw a large fox and some loons, so we weren't the only crazies out in the rain. Both days were a lot of fun. In both areas, we walked on prime running trails and it was hard to not break out into a run! Kevin was poised to grab me by the back of my shirt if I tried. Walking doesn't seem to bother my back/hip. In fact, it seems to make it feel better.

Today we took a 34 mile bike ride over mildly hilly back roads. Other than dealing with traffic, I enjoy bike riding. I feel like I get a good workout from it. The only part that aggravates my back/hip is when I pull up with my right foot while pedaling uphill. But I can pedal uphill fine without pulling up, just pushing down instead. The sky was overcast through most of our ride and the temperature was very comfortable. We got rained on in the last miles and were pretty soaked by the time we finished. Tonight I did a strength workout focusing on chest, back and core.

I am putting together a cross training plan for the week. It involves a lot of hiking, biking, and strength training. I'm afraid you are in for some boring posts, but the fascinating trail running posts will resume in 23 days if everything goes well!


  1. Quote,"Kevin was poised to grab me by the back of my shirt if I tried."
    Really, I was holding on to her belt loops the whole time, just so i could keep up with her walking pace. - KC

  2. I was impressed you could keep up without having to sneak in a few running steps here and there, which is what a lot of people do when they walk trails with me!

  3. Clump, Clump, Clump. The workboots must be giving me an edge over the others! - KC