Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009, Boom or Bust?

Early in the year I re-injured my lower spine and couldn't run at all for a while. When I was able to resume running, my pace had become much slower and my stride much much shorter...
but I was able to resume running!

I made a lot less money than in past years...
because I quit my second job and have more free time to enjoy life and spend time outside having fun!

I now have a cluttered and crowded house...
and it is full of more happiness and love than it has ever been.

I injured my right shoulder...
and I did it while developing a new passion for mountain biking!

I DNFed at two hundred milers this year...
but I finished under 24 hours against all odds at the Vermont 100 and had fun doing it!

Those are the only negative things I can come up with and they all seem to have a positive twist to them. Hmmm, what else happened in 2009?

Kevin and I spent a lot of quality time sitting on the front porch with our feet on the rail in the evenings this past summer. I enjoyed at least some small part of every single day. I've had some great hikes, road bike rides, trail runs, road runs, walks, mountain bike rides, snowshoe runs, and cross country ski outings. Kevin and I built some fantastic new trails for biking and running! I spent a lot of time outdoors and in the woods.

I was healthy and fit and active for the majority of 2009. I smiled a LOT. I fell in love. I kept my good job and my beautiful home (I know some who weren't as fortunate). I have two healthy kids. My old dog is still alive and kicking. I have plans and goals and dreams for the future. I am very happy.

2009? Definitely a Boom year.

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