Thursday, December 24, 2009


I did my Plyometric workout last night instead of today because I wanted to have Christmas eve freed up for other things! I also did my two planned workouts for yesterday, a short easy run and an upper body strength workout. So this morning's 6 mile run with 1 mile at tempo pace was done on sore and tired legs. But I got through it with only a minimal amount of whining and groaning.

Plyometrics is a killer, but fun! For Plyometrics, I do the P90X hour long workout. I suppose one could dog it a little on this workout, but I work hard because I love the leg and butt strength it gives me and the cardio workout I can get at the same time. I can keep my heart rate up in the high 160's for 45 to 50 minutes straight during Plyometrics while making my quads, gluts, and calves "feel the burn" for the entire time. It is an hour of jumping, squatting, jumping, lunging, and more jumping. I finish this workout with my hands on my knees, gasping for air. I love it!

Tomorrow I don't plan to do a formal workout, but I might get out for a walk or something. I've always tried to keep holidays free to spend time with family and friends. No Thanksgiving Day races for me, no New Year's Day Resolution Runs, and definitely no Christmas Day workouts. I will be working some of the day tomorrow, but whatever free time I have I will want to spend with my loved ones. Happy Holiday to all!

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  1. Laurel, Glad to hear you're still doing the P90X. I'm starting up again on Sunday. Can't wait to feel the burn.