Monday, December 7, 2009

This Week's Plan

I have formulated a training plan leading up to the Peak Snowshoe Marathon. I'll use Tuesday as my long run day and Thursday as my hill work day. I'm starting my long run at a conservative 9 miles and working up from there. I have no injuries, or even any aches and pains at this point so I want to ease back into training to keep it that way! I'll keep my weekends short and easy as this works well with my work schedule and with my social life. This week's plan is as follows:

Mon-3-5 easy in AM, strength in PM
Tues-9 with Fartlek in AM, Plyometrics in PM
Weds-3-5 easy in AM, strength in PM
Thurs- 8 with hill repeats in AM, Plyometrics in PM
Fri-3-5 easy in AM, strength in PM
Sat and Sun 3-5 easy

Now that I've posted it, I'll have to do it.

This morning I ran 4 miles on roads at a relaxed pace. I have a bit of a cold and hated to step out into the chilly air, but once I got going I felt fine. The ponds are starting to ice over and it won't be long before the ice fishermen will be out there. The shoulder of the road has a nice crusty crunchy snow covering that made a nice sound under my running shoes. I ran to the top of the hill on Spec Pond Road, took in the view of the mountains for a moment, and then ran back home. Strength work tonight will be P90X chest and back and abs.

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