Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Home Gym

A few weeks ago I posted about my treadmill dying and said it was OK, I should be running outside anyway. Well since then I have been reminded that a lot of work days have me on the road until late in the evening and then on call even later than that. Mornings find me working from home importing stuff on the computer, which involves a lot of waiting around. The treadmill was an excellent way to get a run in on those late work nights while still being close to the phone and pager, and a way to squeeze in a few extra miles in the mornings while importing charts.

I found myself spinning on the bike trainer last night for lack of treadmill. Spinning is worse torture than a treadmill run could ever think of being! Neither Blues Traveler nor The Counting Crows could make up for the fact that I was spinning on the bike. I told myself I'd spin until Kevin got home from work, hopefully no longer than 30 minutes. I kept the cadence up and kept my heart rate at 146-152. I can be disciplined if I have to. But didn't I hate every second of that workout. Wouldn't you know it? Kevin was about 18 minutes late and I ended up torturing myself for 48 minutes. When he came in the door instead of saying hello, I said something like, "thanks a lot, I had to do this asinine thing for 48 minutes instead of just 30!" Not to worry, I have ordered a new treadmill.

My daughter JUST moved down to Florida and I am making her room into a gym. I've already got my Bowflex and my bike trainer up there. Today I'll move my free weights, exercise ball, mats, and all that. When the new treadmill arrives my gym will be complete! Let's hope the daughter doesn't come back home in a week. She'd be disappointed to find she had to sleep on the weight bench.

This morning I will be heading outside for a run on the roads and snowmobile trails (if they are well packed). Outside running is always my preference, but a treadmill run is better than no run at all. Even on days when I get my outdoor run in, I try to do a second indoor workout in the evening. Normally this has been done in my combination office/gym/pellet stove room. Needless to say, a room with a pellet stove in it is a hot place to work out. I'm excited about the new gym and I might even post a picture after the treadmill arrives. Just don't mention a thing about any of this to my daughter!

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