Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowshoe Run Today

As I headed out the door for my run this morning with snowshoes under my arm, Kevin said, "Have fun. Too bad you've been banned from snowshoe racing for the rest of your life." Very funny. True, I did hit a few nerves with my post yesterday. There's a reason I only voice my opinion about anything about once or twice a year.

Anyway, I ran to the Osippee Trails the long way for a one mile pavement warm up. As I ran past the construction site, a young worker said in an appreciative tone, "Nice!" I'm 47 years old, I don't get that very often. But when I glanced his direction, he clarified for me, "Dion Snowshoes, Nice!" Well, they are nice snowshoes.

I put my snowshoes on and headed into the woods. We got about 4 new inches of snow last night, but it is very crusted on top and soft and wet under the crust. Big wet clumps were melting and falling from the trees because of the warm temperature this morning. I was soaked in minutes. I kick up a lot of snow when I run on snowshoes. The chunks I was kicking up were pieces of the hard crust and I swear I must have bruises all over my butt from them! But what fun!!! Kevin and I had packed some of the trails by snowshoeing after the first snowfall and those parts were fast and fun running! The deeper unpacked snow was more challenging and difficult, but good hard work! I ran about 5 miles in the woods on the snowshoes and two miles total on pavement. I loved it!

This weeks training plan is as follows...
M 3-5 easy / Chest and back and abs strength workout
T 9 with Fartlek / Plyometrics
W 3-5 easy / Shoulders and Arms and Abs strength workout
Th 8 hill work / Plyometrics
F 3-5 easy / Legs and Back and Abs strength work
Sat + Sun 3-5 easy

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