Friday, December 11, 2009

Blustery Cold Morning Run

I put off yesterday's hill workout until today due to slushy slippery roads yesterday. Today the paved portion of my loop was bare pavement with a few icy patches, but the dirt portion was slippery packed snow and ice. I guess it's time to get out the Stabilicers. It was about 24 degrees and very windy this morning.

I ran the 7 mile Deveroux Loop clockwise (steeper climbing this direction) and repeated the steepest portion of Deveroux Hill once, making it an eight mile run. I pushed hard on the uphills and didn't really get a good break until the last 2 miles of gentle paved downhill. The climb was on ice and against a strong head wind today, good hard work! I have been in better shape for this particular workout, but I have also been in a lot worse shape and struggled a lot more with it in past runs.

The mailman was keeping me company for the last half mile or so, slowing down and waiting for me to pass and then delivering to a few more houses before doing the same thing again. He pulled up in front of my house just as I arrived there. It turns out he had a letter that needed to be signed for and he didn't want to get out of his warm vehicle. Good thinking on his part, it's pretty damned cold out!

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