Tuesday, December 15, 2009

9 Miles on the Roads

This morning I ran a nice 9 mile loop on snow and slush covered roads. I ran the Spec Pond-Black Bog-Colcord Pond loop, which is VERY hilly. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes, the Black Bog part of the run was very icy and really slowed me down, but I wasn't in a hurry so I didn't mind. I was supposed to do some Fartlek today, but the road conditions wouldn't allow it.

Less than a mile into my run I realized I had forgotten to eat before I left the house. I hoped the abundance of sugar that I put in my coffee would hold me over. It did, barely. The other thing I realized early on, was that I was suffering from TTRBS (Too Tight Running Bra Syndrome). This occurs when your running bra shrinks in the dryer and you don't realize it until you start running and find you can't draw a deep breath. You ladies know what I'm talking about. Those two problems aside, the run went beautifully!

I tend to stay off the roads until winter, at which time I do about 50% roads and 50% trails. The back roads in this area aren't plowed very well and aren't usually salted or sanded at all. Right now they are completely covered with snow, slush, and ice. It is actually a nice surface to run on, as long as you aren't trying to go fast. This was a wonderful morning run. The ponds are still open water with snow surrounding them and it was very pretty. There is very little traffic on these roads in the winter months so it was quite peaceful.

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