Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Good Workouts Today

I did my Plyometric workout in the morning and saved my run for later because I was hoping to let temperatures rise a little before going out. Plyometrics is an hour of intense jumping and lunging that keeps my heart rate in the 145 to 160 range the entire time. It is hard work, but fun!

I had an acupuncture appointment in Portland and thought it would be nice to do my planned 9 miles with Fartlek on the Standish rail trail on the way home. The Standish Rail Trail is 9 miles out and back, has those convenient markers every quarter mile, and is flat. So it was perfect for today's planned run. I stopped to have snow tires put on my car before leaving Portland. Because a storm is expected tomorrow, there was a big back up at the tire place. I ended up waiting about two hours. I thought about heading out for my run during that wait, but that would mean running in Portland traffic. No thanks. So by the time I got to the Standish Trail, it was already getting dark.

The surface was crusted snow and ice with a little dirt showing here and there. There was no moon out, but I could see OK because the trail is wide and open. The only time I slipped was when a border collie pushed me for some reason. Maybe he was trying to herd me like a sheep. Anyway, I only went down on one knee and no harm was done. The border collie and his owner were the only others on the trail tonight.

I did 8 quarter mile pickups without timing them. I put in a good effort and was pretty pooped by the time I got back to the car. So far, so good on the training schedule...but it's only been two days.

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