Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 Solid Weeks

After this week I return to my regular work schedule and need to get back into a regular running routine. My original training and racing plan has gone out the window due to my bike accident. I need some sort of loose plan because if I just ran how I felt all the time I would be doing long slow meandering runs every day I didn't work and not bother running at all on my work days. So here is my "loose plan" that will give me eight solid weeks of good training leading up to my hundred miler.

Mondays: 5-7 trail miles
Tuesdays: Long run on mountainous trails starting at 3.5 hours and building to 6 hours
Wednesdays: 3-5 easy on trails
Thursdays: 3-5 easy on trails
Fridays: 5-7 on trails with hill repeats
Saturdays and Sundays: mountain biking, hiking, and goofing off.

I'll also try to get 2 or 3 mountain bike rides in during the week and 2 or 3 P90X strength workouts in on the days I don't ride.

So there you have it. As soon as I hit "publish" I will be committed to it!


  1. Ok, you're committed. Good Luck!

  2. It feels great to have a plan...then sticking to it is harder least for me