Thursday, May 6, 2010

Running Again!

I had planned to take my first run since my injury on Tuesday, but decided to play it safe and wait until after I had my scheduled X-ray Tuesday afternoon. The X-ray confirmed that my vertebra is healing and hasn't shifted since the fracture. I had a good discussion with my doctor about activities and risks. He feels that my spinal cord is safe and the vertebra isn't going to move even if I fall. Ligament and muscle damage is still causing pain and limited movement in my neck, so he advises that I try an activity (like running), wait a day and if it hasn't increased the level of pain or decreased the range of motion then I could continue to do it.

So yesterday I strapped my running shoes to my Camelback and rode the mountain bike through the Osippee Trails to the Durgintown woods. I stowed my bike in the bushes and ran 1 mile loops on soft level dirt, hoping for three miles but willing to stop at one or two if I had to. My legs felt awkward and heavy, but my pace wasn't bad. I ran the three miles at 9:10 pace, which is not much slower than I would normally run there. I think the fitness is still there, but the stiff neck is making the running motion feel strange.

I have had no change in pain or range of motion since the run, so today I am driving over to North Conway to run trails with Mary. I think I have four miles in me today. Mary thinks eight, but she's delusional. This weekend Kevin and I will bike at Bear Brook. I want to try some climbing, work on getting comfortable and confident on the bike again, and have some fun!

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  1. Aren't we just a bit delusional? Great to hear you are back running