Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, a Good Run Today!

This morning I went out for a chilly mountain bike ride on the local trails. Other than numb fingers and toes, the ride was great. The only residual effect from yesterday's ride at Bear Brook was feeling a little weak in my legs on the uphills today. I rode over the Skinny Dip Trail for the first time since we cleaned it out on Saturday. What a surprise to see someone else's bike tire prints on the newly improved trail already! It made me think of the line from that baseball movie, "build it and they will come." It was smooth fast riding through there! On another trail, The Clencher, I cleared a little detour around a tough rocky area that I haven't been able to ride over. This is cheating and when Kevin sees it he is going to give me a hard time!

My work shift doesn't start until this evening, so I saved my run until the afternoon. I just got back from a 4 mile run on the Ossipee River Trails. I am very happy to say that it felt pretty good! This is the first time since my return to running after my injury that running hasn't felt awkward, uncomfortable, and difficult. I don't know how running could feel so unnatural to me after doing it for 35 years. I think it had to do with the neck and back stiffness. Anyway, let's hope I'm on the right track now!

I would like to continue to do my P90X strength workouts four times a week, but with the biking and running it is hard to find the time (and the energy!) I hate to have girly whimpy arms, but I think running and biking take priority. I'll try to fit the strength workouts in only twice a week and put up with having whimpy arms for a few months. Arms aren't what will get me through the Vermont 100 anyway!

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  1. Glad to see you are still at it. I am still amazed at the thought of completing a 100! (Oh, and P90X. I HAVE to get start back on it too. Talk about whimpy arms...and abs...)