Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After Work Run

Yesterday was my first full 12 hour shift at work since my injury. I know, I've been biking and running and working in the gardens, so work should be a breeze. But my job involves a lot of the two things that still cause neck pain and head aches, working on the computer for long stretches and driving long distances. After seeing my last patient I had to drive over an hour to get home, where I would still have computer work to do. I called home and told Kevin I would be stopping at the school to run just before I got home. I knew if I went home first, I'd have to greet the pets, look at the mail, start exporting work, change my clothes, get a snack... and more than likely I wouldn't get back out for my run. I discovered long ago, when I had little kids at home, that if I want to get an evening run in I had to do it before I went home. This really works for me!

When I pulled into the school parking lot, I saw a kid on a bike doing little hops and wheelies. Suddenly I realized, "Ooops, that isn't a kid, that's Kevin." Nice how being active and healthy can keep that little kid in us alive! Kevin escorted me on his bike for a nice 4 miler on the Ossipee River Trails. I started out feeling stiff, sore, and tired, but got better and better as I ran. It was exactly what I needed at the end of my work day!

I'm planning another long trail run on Friday. I'm on what I am thinking of as an "accelerated 100 mile training plan." I'm hoping that as long as I keep the rest of my runs at an easy effort over short to moderate distances, I will be able to increase the length of my long runs at an accelerated rate and be ready to cover the distance in July!

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  1. That little ride was just what i needed to blow the cobwebs of my brain after sitting at a desk all day and commuting 2 hours home. KC