Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trail Work in the Rain

I ran three days in a row leading up to today. Let me tell you, it hasn't felt good. I sure hope running starts to feel normal and natural again very soon! My runs have been three, five, and three miles. My legs feel heavy, my back and neck are stiff, and my face and head hurt from the jarring (at least the neck feels good!) This is going to be a tougher come back than most. I'll keep at it and wait for it to get better. On the bright side, I am enjoying the mountain biking very much. Biking doesn't seem to jar me as much, thanks to the great suspension on my bike.

Today I took a day off from running and biking. Kevin and I went down to the Skinny Dipper Trail and cleaned out the entire trail in the rain. We call it the Skinny Dipper because of the hand lettered sign that points down to the river and simply says, "Swim." This is the connector between the Ossipee River Trails and the Durgintown Trails. It is a pretty area, but the trail itself was an old logging road with loose rolling sticks and rocks and other debris. So it was slow and rough for riding and running, not a lot of fun.

We cleaned out a single track line along the entire length of the logging road today. It is going to be fantastic fast riding! We were both very excited to see how great it turned out. If I wasn't so chilled by the time we got home I would have grabbed my bike and pedaled it today! Kevin built in a few stump and rock jumps, moved some barriers just enough to allow a bike through without encouraging ATVs to get through, and fixed one of the bridges to make it safer to ride over. With just a half day of work, we really made a nice connecting trail. I can't wait to run it and ride it in the next few days!

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