Friday, May 8, 2009


Ahhh, finally a little spring in my step this morning. I'm an impatient sort of person. I wanted my legs to feel fresh and rested the minute I said I'm in taper mode. Well, it has taken almost a week, but they are starting to come around. I got good advice from a friend by e-mail, cut way back on the strength work until after the race. Dan's and Damon's comments on my last post were also very helpful. And let's not forget the meditative and calming qualities of a good Yoga workout. OK, so the Yoga still isn't exactly meditative and calming, but it is teaching me how to "breath through the discomfort" which might come in handy at mile 85 or so.

This morning's run was 7 miles, the first 4 1/2 were on trails and the last 2 1/2 were on the flat to slightly downhill Spec Pond Rd. I checked my road split for the last 2 1/2 miles and I was running sub eights and feeling good doing it. Total run time was 1:02. I really needed that run for my confidence.

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