Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in my Groove

I had a fabulous run this sunny Saturday morning before heading off for work. I love the sun after all the rain we've had! I did a seven mile hilly loop that is 50% road, 50% trail. I'm trying to get out on the harder surfaces to prepare for those rock hard packed gravel roads of Vermont. This loop is one of my favorites, with hills, quiet country roads, and a nice stretch of trail in the middle. As is often the case the day after a faster paced run, my relaxed pace was faster than usual today. I'm not sure what cause this phenomenon, but I've heard other runners say the same thing happens to them. I think this was one of my fastest recent times for this loop, 56:08! HR averaged 155. I feel myself getting back into the training groove. Yay!

When I came back into Kezar Falls I was confronted with a bunch of parked cars (some right on my front lawn, but that's OK), people strolling about, vendors and craftsmen with booths set up on every patch of available grass, and poor Bart standing up in the front window watching it all. Our road is usually fairly boring so I think Bart was excited to have something to look at besides stray cats. Today is the Kezar Falls Lilac Festival. I won't feel so bad about leaving Bart home alone today while I work since he will have plenty of entertainment all day.

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  1. I wish I had the time to run before work...I think it would give me a better "feeling" start for the day.