Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bike Ride

I rode with the Casco Bay Bike Club on a 37 mile ride this morning. It was a lot of fun. Seven of us left Gorham at 9:00 and rode west towards the dark clouds. Half way through the ride it really looked like heavy rain was heading our way, but we only felt a few sprinkles and it never cooled down enough to be uncomfortable. It was a very enjoyable ride. I kept a steady moderate effort the whole way and felt like I had a great workout.

After the ride we went to the local coffee shop and spent some time together there. This is when the rain really started coming down hard. Perfect timing!

This marks the end of my recovery week. It's been a good one, with lots of hiking and cycling. My legs and body feel ready to hit the trails at a running pace. Tomorrow BJ and I will head to the Sandwich Range for a trail run. I'll see how lost I can get us!

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