Saturday, May 9, 2009

A thorough Drenching

I drove around all day today visiting patients and thinking about what a fantastic day it was for a run or bike ride. Every where I went people were out running and riding. Finally at around 7PM I was able to pull off the road and head out for a trail run in Newfield on my way home. It sprinkled a few drops as I changed my clothes in the car, but seemed to brighten up a little by the time I hit the trail.

About 5 minutes into my run it suddenly got very dark and a torrential downpour came washing over me! It was just in time for the hill tempo part of my run and because I was getting chilled, it really motivated me to push hard up the hill to warm up. I got a thorough drenching and could hardly see the trail at times. At the top as I ran over bare ledge, I heard one crash of thunder and decided not to waste any time at the top before turning around and heading down.

All the rain came running off the top of the mountain down the trail I was running on. It was strange when this mini flash flood caught up to me from behind on the steep downhill. The wash came by me with a foot high wall of water at its front and was followed by a steady stream of 6 inch deep water. I tried to get out in front of it again and was able to pass it on a flatter section. It was a very odd thing to see such a defined beginning of a stream of water. I don't remember ever seeing anything like it before. It was very cool.

I made my way back to the car just in time for the sun to come back out. The sky was beautiful with dark clouds being silhouetted by the early evening sunshine. It was almost breath taking. I did another short out and back to take advantage of what was left of the day's sun. I really enjoyed the weather on this run and I guess I'm glad I didn't get out earlier in the day like I had hoped to.


  1. Wow....It is crazy how mother nature can remind us in little ways how unique and powerful she is. I don't think I have ever seen the beginning of a running stream like that...I can vision it amazing.

  2. I find it strange too that when I am out driving and see other runners I think about how "unfair" it is that they are our running and that I am driving. Sorry you hit the rain at the wrong time. 'Runner's don't get rained out, they get rained on' is what I like to say!