Friday, May 29, 2009


It is a little hard staying motivated to keep training/ building for the Vermont 100. I had originally planned to train hard and put in a good effort at Massanutten, then kind of back off a bit and have more energy and time for some of the other things I like to do for a few months. I had planned to run Vermont, but just for fun! Yes, I can run a 100 and have fun as long as I have no time goal and no expectations. Since I dropped at MMT, I feel like I should keep building on what I have done so far and put in a good effort at Vermont.

This morning called for an hour at 7:20 pace. This cold rain we have been having for a few days has been sapping my energy, plus I have had a bit of a stomach bug. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. So I ventured out and did it and it wasn't all that bad, actually it felt pretty good. If I can get a few more good runs in I might be able to get back into my training groove.

I will run Nipmuck next weekend. Last year it fell 2 weeks after MMT and I had a lot of fun there. I started incredibly slow at the back of the pack with my tired 100 mile legs. I didn't pick up the pace and effort until the second half. I moved up through the pack for the entire second half of the run. Now that felt good, feeling fresh and fast when everyone else was tiring out. It didn't get me a fast finish time, but it sure rubbed the ego the right way!


  1. I could use an ego boost right now as I would start slow and finish slow. well not a 100 miler, I don't think I am in the shape needed to finish one of those.....and to do it for are funny.

  2. How do you do 7:20 for an hour!

  3. Funny how 6:30 was a nice 7:20 is an all out sprint! Where did the speed go?

  4. Amy, I used to do 7:00 pace for 3 hours for my marathon. It wasn't that long ago either. When the speed goes, it goes fast!

    Anonymous, I am making peace with the slower pace these days. I love to run and am happy I can still do it. I ran my first road race 33 years ago in June! I'm lucky I'm still out there and able to run after so many miles under these feet! A lot of people who were running when I was young can't do it anymore.

    Pathfinder, that's why we do ultras! We can start slow and finish slow and still do OK! It's a beautiful thing!